Routesetting in Sharma Cimbing

Routesetting consists of creating problems (routes or boulders) to be climbed, something as simple as imagining movements to translate them on a wall and, at the same time, something so complicated. Always taking into account factors and variants such as safety, complexity, morphology, aesthetics and functionality of each of these problems.

Routesetting has changed the way of understanding Indoor climbing. A few years ago, routesetting was a privilege of competitions, today has become a quality standard in climbing gyms. Boulders and routes are designed movement by movement, each one different from the previous one and that must have something that makes you think and make an effort, train and have fun.

Perhaps this is what attracts and hooks us the most about indoor climbing: the game of solving the puzzle that is introduced to us and the pleasure of sharing the problem with each other and looking for the solution together.

At Sharma Climbing we create routes to be climbed whatever your level. Sharma Climbing has the perfect walls for this and our Team of Route Setters works with passion to give color and shape to these walls.

Our goal is to bring you a quality and fun training. Always with the maximum safety on the routes and boulders that are carefully designed with you in mind as climbers. Themost important is bringing you the best climbing routes and boulders. We are setting for you.

Head Routesetter

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