More information about the Channel

This internal information system (complaints channel) has been implemented in FORLOPD with the purpose of constituting an effective mechanism aimed at detecting possible irregularities that could put the reputation and image of the organization at risk, as well as to promote a culture ethical, integral and transparent business model that governs the actions of the organization’s professionals, promoting a preventive culture of illegal acts and committed to compliance with laws and regulations. For the aforementioned purposes, through the Information System any person with whom the entity has a relationship may communicate the existence of irregular practices and corruption, allowing the pertinent investigations to be carried out that make it possible to put an end to such reprehensible behavior.

In consideration of the above, this channel is intended for the communication of complaints related to irregular or inappropriate conduct such as: sexual or workplace harassment, discriminatory conduct, working conditions, conflicts of interest, money laundering, fraud, treatment . of favor, legal or contractual breaches, etc. Therefore, those complaints that do not involve any criminal or ethical offense, those that are not duly founded or substantiated, those made in bad faith or that are in judicial proceedings will be subject to dismissal. Specifically, it is announced that the Channel is NOT intended for the following cases:

  1. Complaints or claims from clients or suppliers. These situations must be dealt with through the usual customer or supplier service channels.
  2. Conflicts between employees. Disputes between employees must be resolved through the company’s internal procedures, such as mediation or arbitration mechanisms.
  3. Personal matters not related to the company. Personal matters of staff that are not related to the company should not be dealt with through the complaints channel.
  4. Situations that do not imply non-compliance with regulations, ethical codes or policies. The whistleblowing channel should be used exclusively to report conduct contrary to the law or the company’s internal policies.

For more information, you can consult the “Reference Documents” inserted in the tool. You can access it by clicking here.

Access and use of the channel:

The whistleblowing channel should be used exclusively to report conduct contrary to the law or the company’s internal policies.

You can access it by clicking on the following link or scanning the QR code: